Fractal ID x Redkite: Where Non-Fungibles Meet Ownership

As the rise of NFTs sees a steady flow of adoption, Fractal ID is glad to announce our partnership with RedKite, the first asset-backed NFT model. Fractal’s technology is supporting Redkite to establish a safe environment for real, authentic individuals buying and trading fine art NFTs on its platform. To kick off this long-term partnership, Fractal ID is joining the RedKite Sticker Bomb Airdrop. This will be the first community soft launch for RedKite which sees three established artists creating a brilliant series of sticker NFTs, including custom Fractal ID colorways.

Join the Sticker Bomb NFT Campaign

  1. Subscribe to the RedKite mailing list (& complete GDPR fully)
  2. Join the RedKite Discord
  3. Enter the draw when the time is right…

When will the time be right? We will be dropping a special code and link on Twitter, make sure you’re following and watching closely for the announcement…

What happens next? 1000 people will be randomly drawn to win 3 NFTs each. The NFTs will be a random mix of artists & colors.

If you hodl three (3) Sticker Bomb NFTs by the same artist, you will secure a whitelist spot on select drops for that artist.

Once the airdrop is complete the Sticker Bomb NFTs can be traded immediately on the RedKiteNFT platform allowing you to trade and complete a set of your favorite artist (or all).

Meet the Founder & Artists

Ben Eine: RedKite’s Founder, Ben Eine, is one of the most successful street artists in the world and regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffiti letterforms, starting his career over 30 years ago leaving his tag over London before developing his distinct typographic style.

Fanakapan: Hailing from the bustling streets of London, Fanakapan is an extraordinary UK artist, most notably known for his mind-shattering and hyper-realistic, chrome helium balloon visuals or “Helium Graffs”.

Voyder: VOYDER is a multidisciplinary artist, a self-taught painter with roots in graffiti and later oil painting. VOYDER’s current work explores the juxtaposition of classical painting with the most primitive form of leaving one’s mark upon the world.

With the founding team built up of these three contemporary artists, the RedKite platform is fully curated, with a focus on artists who already have a big following and are widely collected in the physical art world. The team’s deep ties to current practicing artists and their ability to bring invaluable contemporary names creates a one-stop-shop for premium digital art collecting.

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