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Imagine a world where users have full control over their digital identities. A world that says goodbye to the risks of centralized platforms. A world where data sovereignty is not just a dream, but the new norm.

Fractal ID proudly contributes to the building of this world fueled by an audacious vision.

How we see the
future of identity:

Shaping the future of the internet

We aim to shape the future of the internet, web3, hand in hand with users like you. We believe that Decentralized Identity is the key to revolutionizing how individuals engage with the web, enabling true ownership of data and the power to selectively share it.

The Decentralized Identity provider for web3

Becoming the trusted Decentralized Identity provider for web3 will allow us to transform this vision into reality. Our mission is to empower users by crafting open-source, composable identity solutions that seamlessly integrate with Blockchain Ecosystems and dApps, ensuring the ethos of Web3 is embraced by all.

Users at the center of our mission

Join us on this transformative journey as we shape the future of the internet, placing users at the center of our mission. Together, we can forge a new era of collaboration, empowerment, and endless possibilities within web3.

Fractal ID News &

Fractal ID News & Updates


Our customers say it best

“By having Fractal ID as a credential issuer in our ecosystem, we have a headstart in bringing users and applications to the ecosystem that can leverage Fractal ID’s flexible identity system”

Polygon ID

“Fractal ID’s DID registry can positively impact verification time, costs, and onboarding of users for KYC providers, by providing a decentralized, secure, and interoperable solution for digital identity management.”


“Some of our portfolio projects have used Fractal ID’s services for their private sales, while others have asked for a uniqueness solution for their platform. We heard good feedback from our teams about those solutions!”

Outlier Ventures

Our team

Julian Leitloff

Co-Founder and CEO

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