Fractal ID - identity solution provider for Web3

Identity Solution Provider for Web3

Fractal ID

A vertically integrated identity stack that works for everyone, everywhere.

Fractal’s tailored identity stack is the go-to digital identity protocol for Web3 projects and Ecosystems.

Our decentralized identity stack offers multi-chain identity verification, and covers the full identity process from identity creation to access management. Our digital identity technology elevates the Web3 community’s experience by providing a privacy-preserving approach, simplifying users’ experience, promoting interoperability, and increasing adoption for dApps.

With a track record of trust from nearly 1 million users across 200+ projects, our digital identity protocol is the go-to identity solution for dApps.

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fractal - decentralized identity provider for web3

Web3 Identity Solution Provider

Fractal ID

Scale with decentralized identity solutions that suit your project needs.

Are bots infesting your web3 project and stealing opportunities from your real users? Cannot keep up with compliance and regulatory requirements? Are you having privacy and data management headaches?

We help web3 platforms and ecosystems ensure regulatory compliance through KYC/AML. Bot detection and protection technologies are also available to guarantee that all users are unique humans.

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