Fractal ID x ReBaked: Fostering A Transparent and Inclusive Web3 Ecosystem

Fractal ID is proud to announce our partnership with reBaked, a “reverse launchpad” for helping web3 ecosystems achieve shared goals by providing collaboration mechanisms, growth tools, governance infrastructure, and revenue-sharing agreements for their contributors. Fractal ID is supporting reBaked by providing seamless and privacy-preserving KYC experience to users in order to establish grounds for transparent and inclusive web3 ecosystems.

What does web3 look like today?

Web 3 aims to be a decentralized version of web2 where users can gain back the ownership of their data and have private and scalable web ecosystems.

The anonymous nature of web3 empowers users to build any community they want and support any project they believe in. However, boundless freedom can lead to unfortunate consequences such as money laundering, identity theft, and scams.

In Fractal ID, we believe that introducing decentralized KYC credentials will provide a layer of security and safety to web3 by ensuring all users are unique and legitimate participants.

Fractal ID x ReBaked for a transparent and safe web3

Together, Fractal ID and reBaked will work to ensure fair, transparent, and inclusive web3 communities. Which, in turn, will provide the following benefits to new web3 projects that utilize reBaked’s infrastructure and tools to bootstrap their community:

  • reBaked through the community mining mechanism to help DAOs and web3 projects to allocate value to contributors, guarantees an inclusive and transparent mechanism for the distribution of funds. By adding a decentralized KYC layer, helps collaborators build their own digital identity, scale their influence, and contribute to a more transparent remuneration for contributors in a community
  • It helps projects to navigate through the regulatory landscape and equips them with more robust tools to identify the distribution of funds
  • It supports reBaked’s goal for the distribution of Minimum Guaranteed Payment by contributing to web3.0 projects, validating the uniqueness of a contributor, and avoid social engineering schemes.

Working with Fractal ID to build decentralized identities for our collaborators sets new foundations for validating credentials and build an environment of support for contributors of OpenSource projects, but also active members in the growing and very promising DAO landscape.

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