Fractal ID X Gnosis: A Strong Collaboration to Expedite DID Adoption

We are excited to announce that Fractal ID’s DID technology has been deployed on Gnosis — one of the first Ethereum side chains! With the integration of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) into the Gnosis ecosystem, Fractal ID is demonstrating its commitment to supporting the platform and providing users with a seamless experience when switching between decentralized applications.

Navigating the Gnosis Network: A short guide to its ecosystem

Gnosis Chain is the Ethereum sidechain that serves as the primary infrastructure for the Gnosis DApp ecosystem, consisting of protocols, vaults, and various other projects. One of the key benefits of Gnosis Chain is its smooth integration with Ethereum, enabling EVM compatibility with its beacon chain architecture. Additionally, Gnosis Chain is secured by a vast network of over 100k validators, which are distributed globally. This diverse set of validators, combined with community governance, helps maintain Gnosis Chain’s neutrality. Fractal ID’s DID provides developers and end-users with a seamless way to leverage Gnosis network benefits.

Next-Gen dApps: The Power of Fractal ID in the Gnosis Ecosystem

Leveraging Fractal ID’s DID provides users with an efficient solution to access various dApps on the Gnosis ecosystem. With Fractal ID’s cutting-edge technology, users only need to complete the KYC process once for any dApp, and they can immediately start using other dApps without any additional verification. The DID registry is not limited to Fractal ID credentials and is open for all, making it easy for users to connect to Gnosis’ networks. This flexibility ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for users, and it also allows for a wider range of participation from various backgrounds.

Unveiling the Tech: No Touch Open DID Registry

The DID Registry is a privacy-preserving identity verification commons that leverages smart contracts to facilitate direct on-chain verification. The smart contracts are built around a list of wallet addresses belonging to verified individuals who have met either common or client-specific KYC requirements. With its advanced features and functionalities, the DID Registry is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to streamline their onboarding processes while safeguarding user privacy.

By utilizing the DID Registry, dApps can now provide their users with a safe and efficient onboarding process that complies with all relevant identification requirements. Once a user connects their wallet, the registry instantly verifies their identity and shares their credentials with the dApp, all while maintaining the highest levels of user privacy. This innovative approach to identity verification offers a seamless and secure Web3 environment for building, paving the way for a more decentralized and user-centric future.

Figure 1. Fractal ID DID registry flow

Enhancing user experience: Access all Gnosis dApps with a single login!

The user can quickly onboard by connecting their wallet, which enables the dApp to automatically access and verify their identity credentials through the registry. This process ensures a secure and private Web3 environment for development even with full identification requirements or proof-of-personhood use cases.

Fractal ID’s DID on Gnosis chain: Advantages and Benefits

The integration of Fractal ID on Gnosis will be geared towards establishing a secure and confidential environment that caters to the needs of developers and users.

The incorporation of Fractal ID’s identity technology in the Gnosis ecosystem offers a multitude of advantages to its users, such as:

  1. Granting Gnosis access to one of the most extensive web3 communities with over 200,00 Fractal ID users who have undergone prior verification, resulting in streamlined onboarding procedures.
  2. Guaranteeing a regulatory-compliant ecosystem that prioritizes users’ privacy and upholds the network’s integrity.
  3. Empowering users with reusable verifiable credentials and restoring control over their data ownership.

Fractal ID’s collaboration with Gnosis marks a significant step forward for decentralized identity verification. The joint effort of these two initiatives aims to democratize decentralized identity adoption globally. Fractal ID’s participation in powering Gnosis’ identity verification procedures and user onboarding serves as a crucial step towards establishing a user-friendly and comprehensive digital identity solution for widespread use in the web3 ecosystem.

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