Fractal ID x Aurora: The Aurora Ecosystem Tapping Into The Open DID Registry

Fractal ID is happy to announce our partnership with Aurora, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that enables developers to create smart contracts for the Ethereum network.

Fractal ID is supporting Aurora in creating a safe and compliant ecosystem for users and developers by deploying our privacy-preserving DID registry enabling them to use DIDs and jump from one dApp to another.

Understanding the opportunities of the Aurora ecosystem

Aurora is an EVM created by the NEAR Protocol team with the aim to provide developers with an ecosystem to operate a wide range of dApps (e.g. DeFI, gaming, DAOs) on an Ethereum-compatible and scalable platform at low transaction costs.

The layer-2-like speed and scalability, as well as the versatility of dApps that can be operable on Aurora provide a remarkable opportunity for developers that want to extend their dApps reach to multifaceted markets. Aurora also provides developers with all familiar Ethereum developer tools, dApps, oracles, and more such as Etherscan, Curve, The Graph, Infura, etc.

And here’s where Fractal ID can help users and developers easily grasp these opportunities!

Why the open DID registry fits Aurora’s needs

DIDs, also known as decentralized identifiers, are pointers to specific attributes in one’s identity (e.g. passport number, age, KYC status) that can be selectively disclosed to trusted third-parties without compromising the privacy of one’s data.

The open DID registry is a privacy-preserving identity verification commons that allows for on-chain identity verification.

Here’s how it works:

When a user wants to verify their identity to access a certain dApp, all they need to do is plug in their wallet, enabling the dApp to look up the user’s credentials within the registry and verify their eligibility to be onboarded to the dApp according to the dApps criteria. (See Figure 1).

Figure 1. DID registry working mechanism

That’s all, do your KYC once, access all Aurora dApps, and keep your private data safe.

Verify your credentials once, access all Aurora dApps

As the name implies, the open DID registry is open to everyone. If you are a new user, all you need to do is upload your identity documents (e.g. passport, residency permit) and as soon as Fractal ID verifies these documents, you will be instantly ready to use a dApp without needing to go through a new KYC journey again. This process safeguards the user’s privacy and creates a secure web3 environment conducive to building.

Moreover, as these credentials are reusable and interoperable, once a user is verified for one dApp, they are immediately ready to jump to other dApps on the Aurora ecosystem.

Fractal ID x Aurora partnership impact

Fractal ID and Aurora are coordinating efforts to establish the grounds for a safe, compliant, and privacy-preserving ecosystem for dApp creators and users. And we are proud to say that this partnership will:

  • Enable users to verify their identities once for all Aurora dApps, reducing friction and enhancing their experience with the ecosystem.
  • Allow all Fractal ID and non-Fractal ID users to connect to the open DID registry and benefit from the privacy-preserving features and functionalities.
  • Assist in creating a regulatory-compliant but privacy-preserving ecosystem that protects users’ data and networks’ reputations alike.

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