Fractal ID Update: Launching the idOS and the plan ahead

1. Introduction

2023 has been a year of growth and adoption at Fractal ID. Fueled by our commitment to reusabilitytailored on-chain tooling, and seamless interoperability, Fractal ID’s identity solutions have been designed to meet the dynamic and unique needs of diverse blockchain ecosystems and dApps. This year alone Fractal ID has forged strategic collaborations with leading projects like Polygon IDXRP Ledger, and Gnosis to empower their growth with our decentralized identity management capabilities.

Approaching the final quarter of the year, Fractal ID’s focus is crystal clear: We’re committed to transforming decentralized identity adoption into a tangible reality by building the user-owned identity data layer for web3. Now, with the launch of the idOS, we are one step closer to achieving our vision for the future of decentralized identity.

2. Unveiling the idOS — the identity layer of web3

Developed in collaboration with key building partners such as Aleph ZeroKwilNEARGnosis and Fractal ID as a driving force, the idOS — the identity layer of web3 — represents the future of decentralized identity management. Rooted in the principles of chain-agnostic designcomplianceself-sovereignty, and decentralization, the idOS is far more than just another identity standard. Rather, it is a composable decentralized storage and access management solution to enable self-sovereign identity management across web3.

The idOS is designed to tackle critical challenges, including data security and user experience enhancement, while simultaneously introducing innovative real-world use cases to the web3 landscape. By granting individuals complete control over their data without the need for intermediaries, the idOS emerges as a trusted choice, catering to the needs of web3 projects, ecosystems and users alike.

Explore more about the idOS — the identity layer of web3 — on the websiteSocial MediaGitBook and GitHub.

3. The plan ahead: Key changes to the Fractal ID ecosystem

Our goal of making decentralized identity a reality remains unchanged with the idOS being the central focus of our efforts in this direction. To channel our resources 100% towards the idOS’ growth and maturation, we will discontinue Fractal Protocol, monthly Incentive Rewards and our substrate chain. This shift allows us to prioritize the advancement of decentralized identity technology, specifically focusing on the idOS.

What can you expect as a Fractal ID user?

  • Rewards will be distributed in September 2023. This month also marks the conclusion of the Incentive Rewards and around the same time, we will also be discontinuing our substrate chain. More information on the timeline and details on how to bridge your FCL will be shared soon.
  • At Fractal ID, we recognize the pivotal role played by FCL holders in our growth trajectory. For this reason, we will make sure FCL will play a role in the idOS ecosystem.

4. Next steps

  • In the upcoming months, we’ll be sharing more news and detailed updates about idOS. We want Fractal ID users to be well-informed about the myriad benefits and opportunities that await within the idOS ecosystem.

The questions of our community matter to us. Our CEO, Julian Leitloff and our CTO, Julio Santos, addressed them during our Twitter Spaces session on 27th September.

5. TL;DR

  • The idOS is a composable decentralized storage and access management solution to enable self-sovereign identity management in web3. Fractal ID is the driving force building it together with these key partners: Aleph ZeroKwilNEAR, and Gnosis.
  • To fully focus on the idOS, the Fractal Protocol, the monthly incentive rewards and the substrate chain will be discontinued. September 2023 is the last month.
  • FCL will continue to have utility in the idOS ecosystem.
  • AMA session on Twitter: 27th September at 3 PM CET.

Stay tuned for more developments and information as we move forward, and thank you for being a part of the Fractal ID community.

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