FCL Bridge On Gnosis Chain

We are excited to announce that the FCL Bridge is live as of Dec 6th, on the Ethereum, Gnosis, and Substrate blockchains finally enabling FCL owners to move their tokens across these blockchains. As we announced in our recent roadmap article, Fractal ID will enable you to do just that in a seamless experience where you can specify the chain you want to convert from or to, define the amount of FCL you want to move around and provide you with secure, cheap, and fast transactions of your FCL tokens.

Bridging FCL to different blockchains

The first phase of the bridge will enable you to conduct your swaps via the website https://explorer.fractalprotocol.com/swap_chains. In the background, our engineers have been working hard to provide the ability to mint/burn tokens for each chain. In turn, this provides you with a seamless and safe way to bridge your FCL.

The bridge can specifically allow you to convert your FCL:

  • From Ethereum ERC-20 FCL
  • To and from Substrate native FCL
  • To and from Gnosis ERC-20 FCL

To get started, follow the next steps:

And go! Easy and safe FCL transactions.

Important note: please keep your tab open to ensure that the transaction is complete. If you close the tab for your swap, it will not be completed.

Why Gnosis?

Building a secure bridge is challenging. Along the way, we experienced technical setbacks and delays when building the FCL Bridge. We are aware that you, the community, have been waiting for it, but that couldn’t come at the expense of a fully operational bridge that actually works. One of those setbacks was the event with Acala, where the bridge was thought to go live first. Here we learned that their DEX required permission and this feature would be disabled until the beginning of next year, without a clear timeline. For this reason, and taking into account our community, we decided to look for a place that gives us the same tools and switched from Acala to Gnosis. This launch on Gnosis Chain will allow us to fix any issues we encounter before expanding.

If you have questions about the FCL Bridge feel free to reach out to our Customer Support: support@fractal.id.

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