Decentralized Identity Use Cases: DIDs for Bot Detection & Protection

Fractal ID is proud to announce our partnership with Common Ground, the all-in-one communication platform for DAOs & Communities. Common Ground is a more social, more secure, and more web3-powered alternative to platforms like Discord or Slack. Combining real-time text and voice chats with community blogs and native governance integrations for easy-access decision-making for communities.

Fractal ID is supporting Common Ground by bringing our DID registry to the platform, to empower communities to build bot-free spaces for collaboration and communication. An onboarding process that is easy and simple for the community managers and users.

Why web3 platforms need anti-bot protection

Almost all web3 platforms are community-focused and community-curated. Especially messaging platforms that aim to provide a space for like-minded people to think, collaborate, and launch campaigns and events together such as token or NFT airdrops.

Unfortunately, web3 opportunities still suffer from unfair participation due to bad bots — comprising ±40% of online traffic.

Although platforms have been trying to combat bot attacks with bot management solutions such as CAPTCHAs, these solutions come with high false positive rates, blocking real users from great opportunities.

Here’s where Fractal ID can help.

Fractal DID for Common Ground

Fractal ID is a privacy-preserving identity verification platform, ranging from human uniqueness for sybil-resistance and bot protection, to KYC/AML for regulatory compliance.

Fractal ID ensures user data privacy with our Fractal ID solution that enables users to seamlessly onboard to different platforms with this simple mechanism:

When a user uploads their identity documents (e.g. passport, driving license), Fractal ID will verify the credibility of these documents and issue verifiable credentials (VCs) that are stored on the user’s device. These VCs, which can be representatives of the user’s age, gender, residency country, or simple human uniqueness, can be selectively disclosed to third parties at user’s consent.

Integrating Fractal ID’s solution to the Common Ground platform gives communities on Common Ground the option to gate “read or write” access to certain spaces with a DID that is tied to a proof of personhood by the users.

This introduces a layer of security that strengthens the resilience of public community spaces against bots and sock puppets. Ensuring all participants are unique humans while maintaining their wishes to stay pseudonymous.

In the upcoming weeks and months, Common Ground will introduce groundbreaking features for its communities, that are centered around non-financial forms of governance participation in DAOs and web3 communities. Being able to rely on strong yet pseudonymous identities, communities on Common Ground will be able to bring more voice in governance to their most engaged users, which will differentiate these communities from others in the long-term, making them more resilient, dynamic and able to learn faster as an organization.

The no-touch open DID registry

The open DID registry is a privacy-preserving identity verification commons that enables direct on-chain identity verification.

With now over 950k users of which 250k users are fully verified, Fractal ID can instantly equip 150k user wallets with the necessary credentials to onboard to Common Ground without compromising their data privacy.

Benefits of Fractal ID x Common Ground partnership

Fractal ID and Common Ground are joining forces to provide more options to web3 communities and DAOs to build bot-free, privacy-preserving spaces for people to collaborate, communicate, and grow.

Bringing benefits to Common Ground and its users by:

  • Providing the ability to easily tap one of the most diverse web3 communities with more than 150k+ pre-verified Fractal ID users. Seamlessly onboarded with the click of a button.
  • Ensuring bot-free spaces that can be leveraged into a more inclusive environment on the level of governance, grants and treasury management, and rewards and incentives within online communities and DAOs

Common Ground fundamentally believes in the sovereignty of its communities and their right to design collaborative spaces in ways that they believe to be secure and fit for their unique purpose.

“Fractal ID has provided a beautiful solution to thwart online abuse and scams, while retaining privacy and creating trust within the web3 space.”

~ Common Ground

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