$FCL token.

The $FCL token functions as Fractal’s currency, fueling the incentive mechanisms for all participants in the data economy.

Participants in the data economy.


At Fractal, users are in full control: user data is safely hidden away from malicious third parties at every level so that any data can be shared safely. The user can decide what data to disclose privately (through the wallet) or publicly (on the blockchain).

Regulated companies / DAOs

Are you a DAO looking to implement fair air-drops or sybil-resistant one-person-one-vote? Are you a business operating under strict legal requirements and need to KYC your customers but don’t want to deal with the liability of storing personal data? Let us handle it!

dApp developers

Our tech allows dApp developers to securely access and store data on chain and in our wallet. Data can be associated with a user and with users permission you can access their data to provide a greatly customizable experience.


Advertising to Fractal users is vastly different from web2 ads – our users must opt-in for ads and even if they do, their data remains protected at all levels so they feel comfortable sharing more. Everyone wins – advertisers can target very specific user groups , users decide if and how they are targeted by ads.


Need to know how many men between the ages of 20 and 30 are into sports in the EU/US/SE Asia? User/market research becomes trivial when users don’t waste their own time on it and are willing to share personal data in exchange for a small pay.