Exchange data in a private, fair and open way.

Fractal protocol

The Fractal Protocol is empowering and incentivizing users and businesses to transparently share ID credentials and high-quality data in a privacy preserving way.

How it works

You own your data.

Users are in full control: user data is safely hidden away from malicious third parties.

Prove your identity without sharing it.

Fractal allows users to log-in on any of our partner’s websites with a click of a single button. Fractal can prove individual data points about our users – for example, that you are a real person or that you live in a particular country – without revealing your address, or personal documents or a 3rd party secretly tracking you.

Data sharing is a choice.

Users choose which parts of their data is shared, with who and how. This explicit choice differs from the current model in which user data is shared with hundreds of companies by default.

Data is valuable.

We live in a data-driven world, high-quality data is extremely valuable. Users can be rewarded for producing data that they could use to pay for services.

Enabled by the Fractal Token.

$FCL functions as Fractal’s currency, fueling the incentive mechanisms for all participants in the data economy.

Transparent process.

Every third party that wants to consume user data must be explicitly granted access to the data by the user. The whole protocol is open source and auditable and guarantees user data security.

Lightning-speed identity verification

If you want to sign up for a DAO or another web service, simply tap a button to let the company verify you without revealing any personal information to them.

Why do businesses choose to integrate with Fractal?


One person, one vote

Regulations KYC measures are now a must for any crypto platform looking to offer services in a plethora of jurisdictions around the world( like the U.S., Australia and the U.K). Regulators clamp down on anonymous crypto transactions.


Fair airdrops

Reward backers of your project fairly – sharing rewards equally among everyone is simple when your platform eliminates bots and users with multiple accounts.


Tap into new revenue streams

App publishers or companies with a large user base can tap into new revenue streams by onboarding their data assets to the protocol.


Get access to high quality data

Businesses can tap into data markets to access an unprecedented variety of high-quality data, undiluted by fake accounts, easily provable to be unique and with users who are willing to actively share data.

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