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Why should businesses care about KYC?


KYC is already a requirement for many crypto platforms offering services around the world.


KYC compliance for Web3 will encourage wider adoption of the industry.


You can eliminate bots from your product and your communities.


By having proof of uniqueness you can guarantee your community fair participation in airdrops and offer fair voting systems like one person, one vote.


With more robust identification procedures, KYC can help crypto shed its perceived association with money laundering and other criminal enterprises.

What makes Web3 businesses choose Fractal?

Global Verifications

We handle global verifications at a 40% higher conversion rate than industry standards.

Crypto audience

We have nearly 1 million pre-validated crypto users.

24/7 customer service

We offer 24/7 customer service for all our users.

Support for high compliance and GDRP

We offer verifications for the highest compliance needs and we are GDPR compliant.

Fast integration

You can integrate Fractal ID quickly with our no code solution or with our API.


We offer flexible reporting that gives you clarity on how onboarding is going.

“CrowdSwap is proud to have a great partner on its side to build the future of DeFi. Meeting “good” regulations and enhancing the crypto space to build a better financial system for everybody is a keen goal. Together with Fractal we can make DeFi more secure without the hassle of never ending KYC processes. In a decentralized world with privacy as a value, the user will decide based on trust”

Christian Mülder, CrowdSwap Co-Founder

“We’ve chosen Fractal as a KYC partner due to their proactive approach and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills. Fractal team has been in touch with each one of our contributors, answering their questions and supporting them to have a smooth due diligence process.”

Antoni Zolciak, Aleph Zero COO


By interacting with protocols and decentralized applications (DApps) that use KYC/AML (know your customer/anti-money laundering) providers like Fractal ID, you are more protected from malicious activities that are inherent to decentralized applications without identity verification.

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What do we prove to verify your identity?

At Fractal we are real and compassionate: we use identity technology to better the world. Therefore we have verification technology to ensure the highest level of safety and transparency.

Proof of Identity Verification

A natural person’s identity is verified through the use of an identification document. Fractal ID ensures its compliance to attest the person’s identity.

Proof of Address Verification

A person’s residential address is verified through the use of a document issued by an entity or authority containing the person’s name, residential address and an issuance date. Fractal ID will ensure its integrity and validity.

Liveness Check

It’s a set of images taken live during a person’s verification process. Its purpose is to distinguish live persons from presentation attacks such as photos, videos or masks. It also allows Fractal ID to ensure that the person is acting on their own behalf and will.

Wallet Address Collection

In order to facilitate the user’s interaction with some of their applications, Fractal ID provides a secure service for them to store their wallet address.

AML Check

Screening individuals and entities to make sure they are not part of any sanction lists, PEPs, banned or wanted lists, or having adverse media data.

Source of Wealth

Some applications require further insights to a person’s circumstances, e.g. a source of wealth verification. In this case, a person is verified via financial documents and/or statements shedding light on origin and current level of their wealth.


As a Fractal ID user, you can engage with 200+ businesses safely and effortlessly, with new businesses integrated every week.

Fractal ID

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Step 1: Users submit their details and required documents.

Step 2: We’ll verify their documents.

Step 3: After they have received a verification email they can download the Fractal Wallet to use their Fractal ID.